[Deion "Poo-head" Sanders][Deion "Poo-head" Sanders]The National Campaign to Make it a Federal Requirement to Refer to Deion Sanders as "Poo-head"

[Deion "Poo-head" Sanders]Hello, and welcome to the official NCtMiaFRtRtDSaP-H home page. We've been off the web for a while, but we're back for 2000! A big thanks to greyjack.com for giving us a new home—it should be permanent this time, so link away. The campaign is in full swing, ready and rarin' for the 2000 season. Big changes are afoot, especially with Deion leaving Dallas for the Washington Redskins—from what I hear, we may be able to make new inroads amongst the Cowboys faithful.

In addition, he's gotten some baseball action going again as well, playing this year for the Cincinnati Reds.

As of June 16, 2000, the membership count page has been updated, we're re-organizing the membership rolls, and we've got a few nifty things in store. So bookmark this page now, and check back often!

We sincerely hope you will consider joining us in our crusade. Enjoy your visit, and drop us a line if you'd like to sign on as a supporter!

Ed "Tank" Porter
Chairman, the NCtMiaFRtRtDSaP-H


* Those of you who came here via our "Deion Sanders is a Poo-head. It's the law." banner ads, well, it's not the law yet, but with your help, it soon will be!

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Although we've been off the 'net for a couple years, the guestbook lives on—if you've got a few hours to kill, go check out our old entries, and join us for a death threat or two!

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